Asian Politics and History Associatioin - APHA

Asian Politics and History Association (APHA) is a non-political, non-profit academic society organized by scholars of Asian studies. Established in 2011, APHA currently has members from Asian-Pacific, European and North American countries. APHA supports the Journal of Asian Politics & History, an academic journal published twice a year beginning in October 2012.

The Mission of APHA is to:

1. Assist, support and promote the academic works and activities of its members;
2. Establish, promote and strengthen academic connections, cooperation and exchanges among its members as well as

among colleagues throughout the world;
3. Contribute to the advancement of the study of Asia politics and history, with a focus on the international relations of Asia;

4. Make APHA a cultural and academic forum to promote a worldwide understanding of Asia;
5. Contribute to the peace and development of the region.

APHA Officers:

APHA Chairman of the Board: Kinsley Haynes, Ph.D. (George Mason University, USA)

APHA President: Robert Bedeski, Ph.D. (University of Victoria, Canada)

APHA Executive Director: Mark Zhong, Ph.D. (Clarewood University, USA)

Center for Asian Politics and Policy - CAPP

In conjuction with Clarewood University, the Clarewood Institute supports the Center for Asian Politics

and Policy (CAPP). The Center conducts research projects and assists the publication of an academic

journal, Journal of Asian Politics and History (JAPH). CAPP also provides support to hold annual
conferences for Asian Politics and History Association.

Director: David Z. Ho, Ph.D. (Clarewood University, USA)

Journal of Asian Politics and History - JAPH

Based in Virginia of the U.S., the Journal of Asian Politics & History (JAPH) is a
peer-reviewed academic journal to be published in English twice a year.
Sponsored by Clarewood University and the Asian Politics and History Association
(APHA), the journal publishes quality works that explore the dynamics of Asian
politics, significance of Asian history, and especially the international relations
relating to Asian countries. JAPH would welcome the contribution of original
papers, research notes, survey articles, and book reviews in the fields of
international relations, comparative politics, political development, regional
integration, political thought, political history, and history of political thought.

Address: 19919 Gateshead Circle, Germantown, MD 20876 USA

Email: study@clarewood.org