The Institute has been involved in early childhood education since its inception. Working with practitioners

and professionals in the US and from abroad, Clarewood in 2006 developed an English text book series for

preschool children of non-native English speakers. The New Stars is a 10-volume series that include

textbook, DVD, CD, activity book, instruction chart, flash card, as well as workbook for children. In

association with International Association of Preschool Education (IAPE), the Institute conducts professional

development for preschool and todler teachers.

Center for Preschool Education (CPE)

Clarewood Institute's Center for Preschool Education (CPE) is a research and development unit that conducts

studies on various aspects of early childhood education. CPE invites practitioners and scholars to serve as

fellows and research assistants in related programs and projects. The Center for Preschool Education

publishes a magazine named Journal of Preschool and Early Learning.

Star Baby is an early learning program that features in the brain and motion development for babies from

the age of 6 months to 2 years. In this program, early learning practitioners work together with children and

parents in structured precedures involving play, game, singing, sign/sound detection, "right brain" and

motion development, etc.  The Center for Preschool Education trains and issues Certificate of Completion

to practitioners and teachers in Asia.

Director: Tina Chen, iape@clarewood.org

Address: 19919 Gateshead Circle, Germantown, MD 20876 USA

Email: study@clarewood.org