APHA Conference 2014

China and its Asian Neighbors

(September 12 -14, 2014)

Sponsor: Asian Politics and History Association (APHA)

Conf. Co-Chairs: Professor George Kallander (Syracuse University,USA)

Professor Yuquan Zhang (Sun Yet-san University,China)

Conference Theme
China and its Asian Neighbors: Politics and History

1. General perspectives

2. Northeast Asia and China (Japan, S. Korea, N. Korea,Russia,Mongolia)

3. Southeast Asia and China (the ASEAN countries)

4. South Asia and China (India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal, Bhudan )

5. Central Asia and China (Afghanistan, Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries)

6. Asia-Pacific and China (Australia,New Zealand,USA,Canada,Pacific Ocean& islands)

Call for Papers

APHA would welcome conference papers addressing the topics related to the conference theme. Papers could be written in English or Chinese. APHA would select, edit and publish papers in separate books, one in English and the other in Chinese.

Deadline to receive conference papers (draft): June 30, 2014

Main Content

1. Introduction and welcome by APHA executives

2. Keynote speeches

3. Discussions (with separated English and Chinese speaking sessions)

Tentative Conference Itinerary

Sep.11 Arrival in Zhuhai. Take Airport Shuttle to the hotel.

Sep.12 Agenda in Zhuhai.

Sep.13 Agenda in Macau. (5-minute boat trip from Zhuhai to Macau)

Sep.14 Conference adjourned. Optional trip to Hong Kong (70-minute boat trip).

Conference Fee

Member: 1. Membership fee paid between March 31, 2013 and March 31, 2014.

(Free) 2. Need to cover own travel expenses and need to present a paper.

Board Directors: 1. Board service after March 2014 election. To be confirmed by APHA.

(Free) 2. Need to cover own travel expenses and No need to present a paper.

JAPH Editors: 1. To be confirmed by APHA and JAPH Editor-in-Chief.

(Free) 2. Need to cover own travel expenses and No need to present a paper.

Non-Member: USD$150.00 (Including lodging, meals, annual APHA membership fee)

Student: USD$75.00 (Including lodging, meals. APHA membership fees waived)

No paper: USD$300.00 or RMB 1800.00

Note: Fees do not include visa fee toMacau. Please indicate you need a visa.


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Address: 19919 Gateshead Circle, Germantown, MD 20876 USA

Email: study@clarewood.org