New Stars

New Stars is a learning resource program developed by a team associated with the Clarewood Institute. Originally developed as a ten-volume book series, it has been expanded into a multi-media product used for training programs and pre-literacy learning for young children. The New Stars Program is focused on teaching English to preschool and kindergarten children ages from 2 to 7 years. The program uses the book series, CD, DVD and Smart-board technology for teaching American English. The program is parent-friendly for use at home and offers teaching resources for classroom educators.

For parents and children who are interested in learnng English as a second language, New Stars can be an useful model, both in the form of hardcopy books and in DVDs, as the content and recordings are all done by native English speakers of teachers and children in the United States. In the Little CoolStars Preschool chain in China, as well as other preschools, thousands of children are benefited from the New Stars program.

For preschool teachers, New Stars offers an effective tool of of classroom teaching as the series has been used by hundreds of teachers in the past decade. A Teachers' Manual of New Stars is available for preschool teachers. Through years of practices and teaching, teachers in the Little CoolStars Preschool chain have developed various forms of teaching clips and lesson plans, which become valuable aids to preschool teachers.

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