Clarewood Institute

The mission of the Clarewood institute is to support educational, cultural and research activities. The Institute

has been conducting activities in support of professional training, teachers' development, best practices and

research in the area of early childhood education, as well as activites in Asian studies.

The institute has been involved in early childhood education since its inception. Working with practitioners and

professionals in the US and from abroad, Clarewood developed an English text book series for preschool

children of non-native English speakers. In association with International Association of Preschool Education

(IAPE), the Institute hosts a research center, Center for Integrated Project Approach, that aims at exploring

creative, enquiry-based practices inspired by the Project Approach and the Reggio Approach.

The Institute also supports the Center for Asian Politics and Policy (CAPP) and the Asian Politics and History

Association (APHA), which publishes an academic journal, Journal of Asian Politics and History (JAPH).

In support of APHA's annual conferences, the Institute conducts activities such as program

development,  conference organization and logistic support.

Address: 1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20852 USA
Phone: (301) 881-7266 
 Email: contact@clarewood.org