Center for Integrated Project Approach - CIPA

Integrated Project Approach: Constructivist, emergent and integrated.

Empowering children to learn through enquiry, expression, imagination and curiosity.

CIPA is a research center that aims to explore creative, reflective practice inspired by Reggio Approach and Project Approach in early childhood education. CIPA has been encouraging an enquiry-based approach to early childhood education through professional, reflective and creative practise and development, organizes study visits to IPA-based preschools and infant-toddler centers, and conducts courses and events in the USA.  CIPA helps connect and inspire educators interested in developing creative, reflective educational practice all around the world. The goal of CIPA is to disseminate the Integrated Project Approach practices, nurture, value and respect children’s qualities, and create engaging and meaningful learning environments for children.

In recent years, CIPA has been collaborating with teachers, researchers and professionals to conduct comparative

studies of Integrated Project Approach schools in several Chinese cities, including Nanning, Liuzhou,Hohhot,

Changzhou and Zhenjiang. One of the theme of these studies has to do with the way Chinese teachers and schools

adapt the Integrated Project Approach concepts and tailor the needs of a vibrant and experimental model to a

culturally different environment. More than 300 teachers and professionals have been involved and trained in

these projects between 2018 and 2020.

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