IAPE Certification

IAPE and Reggio Washington offer a certificate program for teachers and directors of preschools and infant-toddler centers. An Executive Board in IAPE evaluates and grants certificates to applicants annualy. Samples of the certificates are listed below.

IAPE and Reggio Washington Certificates

1. Teacher Certificate

2. Director Certificate

3. Trainer Certificate

4. Professional Certificate

Sample Certificate

IAPE Certificate Holders

Chen Mingli, Certificate No:T13001; Trainer, Nanning(2013)

Deng Ling, Certificate No: T12001, Director,Beijing(2012)
Gan Shengsong Lucy, Certificate No:110013; Teacher,Nanning(2012)

He Yan, Certificate No:110017; Teacher,Beijing(2012)

Hu Danyang, Certificate No:110017; Teacher,Beijing(2012)

Lan Feian, Certificate No:110022; Teacher,Nanning(2013)

Lan Xi Lancy, Certificate No:110005; Teacher,Nanning(2011)

Liao Fei Helen, Certificate No:110003; Teacher,Nanning(2011)

Liu Hailan, Certificate No:110014; Teacher,Nanning(2012)

Liu Haoran, Certificate No:110018; Teacher,Beijing(2012)

Liu Lili Lily, Certificate No:110001; Teacher,Nanning(2011)

Liu Luqiao, Certificate No:110006; Teacher, Nanning(2011)

Lu Ling Vivi, Certificate No:110002; Teacher,Nanning(2011)

Lu Yazheng, Certificate No: T12002, Director,Beijing(2012)

Nong Haizhen Betty, Certificate No:110007,T13002; Teacher and Trainer,Nanning(2011, 2013)

Ou Yating Sally, Certificate No:110009; Teacher, Nanning(2011)

Qin Liuxin, Certificate No:110012; Teacher,Nanning(2011)

Qin Jieqiong, Certificate No: 110008, Teacher,Nanning(2012)
Wei Shuwei Kiki, Certificate No:110011; Teacher,Nanning(2012)

Wei Qimei, Certificate No:110016; Teacher,Liuzhou(2012)

Yang Ping, Certificate No:110023; Teacher,Nanning(2013)

Huang Bing, Certificate No:110020; Teacher,Nanning(2014)

Wei Wenqiao, Certificate No:160001; Teacher,Nanning(2016)

Huang Xiaoli, Certificate No:160002; Teacher,Nanning(2016)

Yang Wenzhao, Certificate No:;160003 Teacher,Nanning(2016)

Li Shaofeng , Certificate No:160004; Teacher,Nanning(2016)

Fang Xiaoting, Certificate No:170001; Teacher,Nanning(2017)

Tang Jing, Certificate No:170002 Teacher,Nanning(2017)

Su Rongxun, Certificate No:170003; Professional,Nanning(2017)

Zhang Xiaorong, Certificate No: T170004; Director,Nanning(2017)

Li Dongxue Certificate No: T170005; Director,Nanning(2017)

Lan Xiaoli Certificate No: T180001; Director,Nanning(2018)

Li Lanyan,Certificate No:180002; Teacher,Nanning(2018)

Lei Fang, Certificate No:180003; Teacher,Nanning(2018)

Teng Xiaoli, Certificate No:180004; Teacher,Nanning(2018)

Zhao Yun, Certificate No:180005; Teacher,Nanning(2018)

Chen Xianxiu, Certificate No:180006; Teacher,Nanning(2018)

Zhou Ling, Certificate No: T180007; Director,Nanning(2018)

Chen Mingli, Certificate No: T180008; Director,Nanning(2018)

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