Reggio Emilia in USA

Reggio Emilia Way, whose esteemed founder/philosopher was Loris Malaguzzi, is nowadays considered one of the most avant-garde pedagogical philosophy and rapidly became a subject of interest, study, research and discussion among teachers, educators, University researchers, in Italy and throughout the world.

Reggio Emilia Way was originated in Italy and bloomed in the United Stated on the whole.

The Reggio Emilia Way: Awards and Recognitions in the United States

  • 1989 - City Council of Boston Recognition (USA)
  • 1991 - Newsweek magazine identified the "Diana" municipal preschool as the most avant-garde early childhood institution in the world. (USA)
  • 1993 - The Kohl Foundation Award in Chicago (USA)
  • 1995 - Department of Education Recognition, Ohio (USA)
  • 1999~2000-

    San Francisco and Mills College

    Recognition(Oakland, California, USA)

  • 2009 - North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Award (USA)

To respond to these increasingly numerous and pressing requests, some Reggio organizations, such as Reggio Washington, established, to promote and disseminate the theoretical and practical experience developed in the United States, as well as to support the educational institutions around the world, inspired by Reggio.

As “Reggio” inspired, progressive preschools and infant-toddlers in the United States, they believe:

• Children learn by doing

• Understanding and action are the goals of learning, not rote knowledge

• Problem-solving and critical thinking are essential skills for creating life-long learners

• Social competency develops through collaboration and cooperation

• In encouraging the development of social responsibility through community service, caring and sharing for others

• In the importance of building a love of learning

Reggio preschools and infant-toddlers in the United States continue to  promote the understanding of Reggio and provide opportunities for international shared research and professional development.

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