International Association of Preschool Association

International Association of Preschool Association (IAPE) is a professional development organization. Since it’s beginning in 2001, educational enrichment and interactive projects for young learners have been its primary focus. IAPE offers professional focus on preschool educational enrichment to educators within the earliest stages of intellectual development. Although based in the US, IAPE is networking to grow expert links globally. IAPE offers a professional venue for preschool practitioners, educational researchers,and academics to interact and impart ideas that promote innovation and best practices. IAPE is an educational organization dedicated to grow knowledge and talent between the United States,China and global educational community. By sharing and growing the preschool expertise of our succeeding generations, we offer an opportunity for a common shared destiny. IAPE sees its focus on productive educational communication will lead to positive social interaction. IAPE’s certification programs have been introduced to China in 2008.

IAPE receives training groups from other countries, especially from China. In 2019, a group of preschool directors/teachers will visit Washington DC and Boston. The group has been organized by IAPE-China. IAPE-China conducts trainings for preschool teachers in China and organize professional groups to receive trainings in other countries. Partnering with two Beijing-based educational companies, Beijing Kelaiwu and Beijing JML, IAPE-China plans to send 3 groups of preschool directors/teachers to Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 2019. Each group will consist of 20-30 people and each group intends to have a 3-day training/visit.

Contact information for IAPE: iape@clarewood.org

Address: 19919 Gateshead Circle, Germantown, MD 20876 USA
Phone: (301) 860-7065 
Email:  study@clarewood.org